How To Last Longer In Bed

last longer in bed

You may have read some of the advice on other sites regarding how to last longer in bed before you climax and end the love session too early. One site says: "Have your partner squeeze the head of your penis for several seconds".

Give me a break - that would kill the love quicker than the premature ejaculation.


You Are Not Alone

Listen, you are not alone with premature ejaculation. Thirty percent of men want to last longer in bed and I was one of them. Yes, all my adult life I wanted to last longer in bed before ejaculation.


Don't keep her waiting forever!



How I Did It

I'll tell you how I handled this embarrassing situation. First thing I did with a new girl friend is when we got into bed I would tell her that I sometimes cum quickly. Every girl I have been with, (and that's a few because I'm an older guy), would reply that it's ok.

This is mainly because, although she does want to feel my penis inside her, (that's the romantic-union of love), what is most important to her is she wants to orgasm as much as I do.


She Loved Being Touched

So then I would start the foreplay. Now some guys think foreplay is a chore and a waste of time. For me, it was really the best part because I was in control and I could stretch that out for as long as I wanted. Obviously, this makes me last longer in bed and it makes her VERY happy. How long was the foreplay? Usually 15 - 30 minutes. And buddy, I enjoyed every single minute of it, why wouldn't I, I loved her body!


It's time to make her smile!



Basically, I would lick and kiss her all over which warms her up fast. Sometimes I would tell her to turn over on her stomach (during foreplay, she obeys me), and I would massage her butt, legs, and even her toes. If I massage her for a long time, I last longer in bed - it's simple.

Combine that with the deep kissing, playing with her nipples, and oral sex and she was squirming with pleasure, already had multiple orgasms, reaching for my penis and was asking me to put it inside of her. A few of them even said "please".


Another Way

Well suppose you're not interested in the foreplay. Relax, later in my years, I found an even better way It's called ProSolution® Plus pills.



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On A Personal Note

I will be honest with you. The first time that I ordered ProSolution® Plus pills, I ordered just a one months supply. I was just being cheap. After the 30 days, I didn't really notice a big difference, but my girlfriend DID!


For Her it Was Like Christmas

So much so that she got online and ordered a five months supply of the pills. I thought she over did it, but after three months, I felt bigger, looked bigger, and I I did last longer in bed, much longer. We were both very happy!


The Bottom Line

Still, I would recommend just a three months supply. That's enough for YOU to experience lasting longer in bed. And if you don't have that experience, you can get all your money back - that's the Prosolution guarantee. So, get your credit card out and click that link right now!